Eragon 3 — Brisingr

the third book in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini

Eragon and Saphira has to defend the Varden from Murtagh and Thorn, kills the Ra’zac, rescues Katrina, oversees the choosing of the new dwarf king, and returns to the elves to finish their training with Oromis and Glaedr. Also, he gains his own Rider’s sword, Brisingr, which bursts into blue flame every time he says its name. Also, they discover the source of Galbatorix’s power, and learn that Brom was Eragon’s father.

At the end of the book, Oromis and Glaedr die, and Eragon and Arya defeat a Shade.

Издательство: Alfred A. Knopf
Год издания: September 20, 2008
Тип переплета: Print (hardcover and paperback)
Полиграфич. формат: 23.6 x 16 x 5.8 cm
Кол-во страниц: 749
ISBN: 0-385-60791-1

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1. The Gates of Death
2. Around the Campfire
3. Assault on Helgrind
4. Divergence
5. Rider and Ra’zac
6. To Walk the Land Alone
7. The Trial of the Long Knives
8. Winged Tidings
9. Escape and Evasion
10. A Delicate Matter
11. Bloodwolf
12. Mercy, Dragon Rider
13. Shadows of the Past
14. Amid the Restless Crowd
15. To Answer a King
16. A Feast with Friends
17. Intersecting Sagas
18. Making Amends
19. Gifts of Gold
20. I Need a Sword!
21. Unexpected Guests
22. Fire in the Sky
23. Man and Wife
24. Whispers in the Night
25. Orders
26. Footprints of Shadow
27. Over Hill and Mountain
28. For my Love
29. A Forest of Stone
30. The Laughing Dead
31. Blood on the Rocks
32. A Matter of Perspective
33. Kiss me Sweet
34. Glumra
35. Clanmeet
36. Insurbordination
37. Message in a Mirror
38. Four Strokes upon the Drum
39. Reunion
40. Ascension
41. Words of Wisdom
42. The Whipping Post
43. Among the Clouds
44. Butting Heads
45. Genealogy
46. Two Lovers Doomed
47. Inheritance
48. Souls of Stone
49. Hands of a Warrior
50. The Tree of Life
51. Mind over Metal
52. A Rider in Full
53. Greaves and Bracers
54. Leave Taking
55. Flight
56. Brisingr!
57. Shadow of Doom/Glaedr
58. Sunrise